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Porsche 993: Why Does My Alarm Keep Going Off? The alarm systems in 993 models are subject to wear and tear, and can become a bit of a headache when they begin to fire off at random.

The Propane Alarm In Our RV Keeps Going Off. by Brenda Duke (Allyn, Washington)

What happens if your fire alarm or smoke detector won't shut off? Here are simple ways to stop all that annoying beeping that they can make!

Fire Alarm Phone Line Trouble Alarm Tech Bulletin "The Fire Alarm Panel Keeps Going Into Telephone Line Trouble!". I hear that complaint all the time.There's a lot of confusion about what causes that trouble alarm.This Tech Bulletin should explain it.

Trouble Tonight At Nakatomi Plaza Police, SWAT, and FBI are surrounding Nakatomi Plaza at this hour after a police officer was reportedly fired upon. The police officer had stopped by the building after receiving what was initially reported as a false fire alarm on the 32nd floor.A short time l

How to Overcome a Fear of Fire Alarms. While there is no specific name for the fear of fire alarms, the blanket term "phonophobia" refers to any irrational, debilitating fear of a particular sound, which is generally how a fear of fire...

About Gene Rowe. Gene Rowe serves as the Director of Business Development for Affiliated Customer Service. He brings 27 years of fire alarm and emergency voice systems experience to the table with both an operational and marketing viewpoint.

The iPhone Daylight Savings Time alarm bug and how to fix it

You're probably on your last nerve right now. But don't do anything rash! Instead, follow these simple directions to shut up your fire alarm.

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