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Uber vehicle requirements: Can you drive for Uber with your car? January 7, 2018 by DougH 1,094 Comments. Of all the questions I get from people who want to become Uber drivers, the most common one is, “Can I drive for Uber with my car? ... Need a car for Uber? Here are your options.

Everything You Need to Know About Uber Everything You Need to Know About Uber In this photo illustration the new smart phone taxi app 'Uber' shows how to select a pick up location at Atocha ...

Do I need a smartphone to request an Uber? While using an Apple or Android device is the easiest and most feature-rich way to request an Uber, it is possible to request one through the company’s website.

Uber is a peer-to-peer transportation service that connects independent contractor-drivers with city dwellers who need a lift. You will need a car and a clean driving record.

Follow instructions from Uber closely during the application process to find out if you need to have your vehicle inspected. Uber vehicle registration and insurance requirements. The vehicle you use to drive for Uber does not need to be registered to you, but your name must be on the insurance card or insurance policy declaration.

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