Where Well Be In April

April 15 – 17: AFP International Fundraising Conference in New Orleans – booth #415 Our team will continue our stay in New Orleans for the AFP International Fundraising Conference! Please swing by our booth #415.

Where we'll be in April 2018! April 3, 2018, ... Plus, we’ll give you an look at some of the newer modules and features we’ll be rolling out in the remainder 2018. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll learn lots at this conference -- and have a good time while you’re at it! Register here.

Easter 2019 is April 21. Since Easter (for most people who celebrate Easter) falls on April 21 in 2019, you can expect the week leading up to that to be more crowded and expensive in most destinations near Catholics (such as southern Europe and Latin America), as well as many beach resorts in the Tropics all around the world.

Yes, it’s months away, but we already know where we’ll be on April 9, 2016. We’ll be getting our Blacklight Slide on. As the name implies, Blacklight Slide is a 500-foot, well, blacklight slide. Here’s a pic from the Blacklight Slide site.

Where We’ll Be in April. April 7th, 2016 Peter Martin. GBTA Mexico. LAAD Security Brazil. 11th Anti-Kidnapping & Extortion Congress. OMHRA. Truck World Conference. GBTA Conference – Toronto. LARC Miami. EXPO Seguridad. ASIS New York. NALI Annual Conference.

ON April or IN April? [duplicate] Ask Question 2. 1. This question already has an answer here: ... To expand one of the comments, you would use "in April" because the day when you will arrive is within the month of April, but if you say a specific day, you would say "on April 15th". ...

If you’re planning to travel in April, you’d better be making hotel and restaurant reservations now. ... celebrity style, and high-end real estate as well as access to print features and ...

April isn't quite the start of the summer season, but with TV shows completing seasons earlier every year, the month might as well be the official starting point for summer streaming season.

While you need that postmark by April 17, that doesn’t mean that you have to be out the door by 6:00pm. The U.S. Post Office has extended hours on Tax Day at some locations to make life easier.

Spring is here at last and while many of us will want to enjoy the sunshine after what's been a long, harsh winter in many places, we'll still have evenings where we want to kick back and watch ...

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    A wishing well is a term from European folklore to describe wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted. The idea that a wish would be granted came from the notion that water housed deities or had been placed there as a gift from the gods. This practice is thought to have arisen because water is a source of life, and was often a scarce commodity..

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    In April 2016, BSEE issued the final Oil and Gas and Sulfur Operations in the Outer Continental Shelf Blowout Preventer Systems and Well Control Rule 81 Fed. Reg. 25888 the WCR , which updated requirements for equipment and operations for well control activities associated with drilling, completion, workover and decommissioning operations. .